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8 thoughts on “Contact Plastic Trench Drain Blog”

  1. Greetings from the Virgin Islands, I need a catalog from your company to have a client choose their choice of grates. can you mail to REDACTED

  2. we are looking for 300 mm wide drain grating for pool, please provide us the details and costing.

  3. I need a decorative grating for an old trench drain in my garage. 2.75″ width.

    Can you help?

  4. David, it sounds like you have the NDS Mini Channel system. I suggest visiting the Drainage Kits website for decorative grating. The store has plastic decorative grates and cast iron grates that are 2.75 inches wide. Lengths for cast iron vary, but the plastic grates are 36 inches long.

  5. I plan to install sections of covered drain (about 80′ total) that would feed into two or three powerful sump pump below the surface which would pump the water up and over a wall. The surge on the East River from Manhattan’s Hurricane Sandy filled my walled court yard like and bathtub. Thank you, JOHN

  6. Would like pricing information on your decorative trench grates and drainage systems. Thanks, Fred Ocheskey REDACTED or email.

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