Plastic channels and grates by NDS

We compare plastic drainage solutions focusing on the residential marketplace.  Some of the manufacturers that we discuss include:
-Quaker Plastics
-Infinity Drain
-ACO trench drain

Grating options are also an important topic of discussion since buying the right grate is just as crucial as having the right channel.
Residential plastic trench drain applications we discuss include patios, swimming pools, downspouts, , sidewalks, driveways, garden houses and more.

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3 thoughts on “About the Plastic Trench Drain Blog

  1. gary dower says:

    I am designing a residential pool with a beach entry that has a curved radius. I am looking for a manufacuter that can provide a curved trench drain that can be installed at the edge of the beach entry Do you have any suggestions for me?

  2. Bud Stegmeier says:

    To who ever produces this blog, I say great job!

    My comments are intended to add to information regarding the comparison of Stegmeier Corporation’s Flowmaster and NDS Spee-D Channel Drain. (Posted on June 21, 2008)

    Stegmeier makes 3 different sizes of this “snap-in-top” style deck drain, all 3 ¼ to 3 ½ inch deep. Flowmaster (4” wide), Flowmaster 3 (3” wide), Frontier Deck Drain (1.7” wide). These drains are also available with an aluminum top cap.

    Unique Features

    Top caps are spring loaded in place using a combination of flex in the hollow core base as well as the curved design of the top cap. No need for mounting screws that could work loose and present a hazard.

    The Top Caps cover the base completely. Unlike most removable top drains, no part of the base is visible.

    The manufacture recommends that the installer drill and pin the base with rebar approx 3 to 4 foot on centers. These bars can be short (4 to 6 inches) because they hold the concrete apart not together. Deck drains should not be used as an expansion material.

    Note: Only removable top drains should be pinned in this manner as it may be necessary to access the base for cleaning.

    Perfect Joints
    It is a design feature of these drains to stagger or lap the top caps well past the joints when installing these drains. This provides a water tight joint below (PVC glue optional) and uses the top cap to hold the joint completely straight and ridged.

    Couplers (installation made easy)
    When installing couplers (45°, 90º etc.) the top cap is lapped completely over the coupler base, in effect using the top cap as a mounting device to install the coupler. This feature is unique to this system of deck drain.

    Again, my compliments on a very informative and interesting Blog. I look forward to new updates and postings.

    I would like to contact the person that produces this blog to offer applicable photos and to exchange e-mail addresses. My contact info is: Bud Stegmeier Toll Free Phone (888) 522-4351

  3. KEN JELINEK says:


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