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NDS offers a line of channel drain systems called the “Pro Series”. These channels are injected, molded from polyvinyl chloride, and have a neutral slope (no slope). They come in a variety of widths (3”, 5”, 8” and 12”). According to NDS literature asterisk notes, this product is technology licensed from the Italian trench drain manufacturer First Corp.

This product line really has many options if you don’t want pre-sloped channels. From a manufacturing point of view, it makes sense. NDS production facilities would need to stock a bunch of injection mold dies of varying depth in order to make pre-sloped channel systems  Injection mold dies are expensive!

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With the Pro Series, NDS instead opted to make four channel widths to account for different flow situations. Three of the widest products have two depths (shallow and deep channels). So, in effect, there are seven different channel options in the Pro Series.

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The photo above shows three of the four width options (I didn’t show the 12” wide option). The 3” and 5” wide channels come in 40-inch lengths (1 meter).  The 8” and 12” wide channels come in 20-inch lengths (1/2 meter).

Pro Series Channels Mean a Flexible Layout

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A key feature of the Pro Series trench drain product line is the ability to cut the channels to any desired size. The channels come with a “double ridged” cut line every four inches (4”) along the length of the channel. This makes it possible to trim, for instance, 8 or 12 inches from the channel in order to custom fit the drain into a tight area.

Trim the channel using a simple hand saw. By making your cut in the slot formed by the double ridges, you can easily change the length of the drain while retaining an edge that allows all the standard hardware (end caps and other channels) to be attached. There is no patching of the channel in a custom length situation.

While you can cut a channel to a specific length, specialty channels are available for making 45 and 90 degree bends in the drain. Side outlets are available in 5” and 8” wide channels. Another notable feature is that every channel has a bottom knockout. This gives you flexibility when it comes time to place a bottom discharge. You can place the bottom outlet wherever you want.

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Pro Series Grates: Know Your Options

Grating options are not extensive with this brand and vary by channel size. For instance, the 3” wide Pro Series channel only has a gray plastic grate suitable for pedestrian or light vehicle traffic. This may be adequate for homeowners that are looking for a budget driveway drain.

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The 5” wide Pro Series drain, however, has the most grating options. Plastic slotted grates (class B loading) are available in six (6) colors. The perforated plastic grating is available, but only in gray. A cast iron grate and a high impact-resistant plastic slotted grate are also available in 5” width.

The 8” and 12” wide Pro Series products have fewer grating options. With the 8” wide channels, you have a choice of three plastic grates, one of which is perforated, and one slotted cast iron grate. The 12” wide channel only has a plastic slotted grate (light vehicle traffic) and a cast iron grate for heavy traffic. All grates, no matter the width, come in 20-inch lengths.

One thing I like about the Pro Series product line over other NDS brands (such as the Mini or Spee-D series) is that it offers more durability and life to your drain system because of the grate to channel width relationship. I feel it is important to have your grate wider than the channel of the trench. This is particularly important in plastic trench drain products. If the grate is wider than the channel, then the concrete that surrounds the trench will be giving added strength to the channel. Systems that don’t have this added support have to rely solely on the strength of the plastic channel. In this latter case, if the ledge that supports the grate breaks, the load capabilities of the grate fail. More on this when I cover other NDS channel drains.

List prices of the NDS Pro Series cover a broad spectrum. The least expensive is, of course, the 3” wide system and prices go up as do the channel widths. Grates with higher load capabilities also come at a premium.

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  1. Scottie Barnes says:

    Can I buy this direct from you and if so could you send me some information. I’m J&S Sales @ REDACTED and I sell to the Government.

  2. Roger G. Byerley says:

    Sear Sir: Please quote price on 24 foot garage
    entrance. Depth about the same as mini or about
    3.5 inchs or less. Rain water that collects in
    front of garage runs into interior. Please send
    price or catalog, and e-mail…soon. Roger

  3. JAN ROSTEK says:

    Gentleman, I am looking for a plastic trench drain
    6 1/4″ in width and at least 91″ in length, just the top. do you carry or can your company fabricate
    this size ? Please let me know and the cost

    Thank you Jan Rostek

  4. john d. peters says:

    I am building a 26′ wide x 24′ deep 2-car garage.
    the garage will house 2 mid size autos. I need one of you trench drains to keep out the water from coming into garage because the new asphalt driveway will slope to the garage door. Over all width of drain 24′ to 26′. What do you recommend ? and about what would the drain cost. The ends can be open for drainage away from the driveway. Can the drains thru you or others ? JOHN

  5. Miguel Cortes says:

    I am looking for deck-a drain ,which is simular to the one you have.But our measurements,are as follows; L24XW4XTH3/4 IS THIS POSSIBLEto get from you.Can I buy this direct from you,can you send me any information.

  6. dave bart says:

    I need the 3″ channel drainage system, is it available in the UK ?

    Thanks………… Dave

  7. Mary Ann says:

    I have a 20 inch by 5 inch NDS 864G series channel grate. I only need the tops. Do you sell this separately? Thank you for your help.

  8. Barbara Wiley says:

    I am interested in purchasing the 3 inch or 4 inch drain. Need pricing and ordering info, or local people to do the job. Thanks !

  9. Mark Carenen says:

    Homeowner would like to install drain in front of garages. Length 50′. Light vehicle traffic. Drain to be installed in traffic bond.

  10. Warren Carney says:

    My driveway has a 13 ft. drop from the road to my garage door, drainage is from three sides at the road surface. the new driveway will be 24 ft. wide, draining into a spillway of to the side of the garage. I think I need a 5″ wide by whatever deep 24 ft. long a 4″ drain in the end.

  11. HannahS says:


    It sounds like you have a pretty series drainage issue. I think you would be really disappointed with the results of the Pro-Series 5. I would suggest using the NDS Duraslope product. Its a 6″ wide grate, with a 4″ wide channel. This is a pre-sloped system which means once the water enters the drain, the drain will run it out either side of the drain, keeping a constant flow through your drain. Pro series 5 is a neutral channel where there is no slope.

    The Dura Slope is the most cost effective pre-sloped system on the market especially when using Traffic rated Polyethelene grating. Please send me an email with your contact info and address as well as your job specifics and I will gladly formulate a quote for you. Feel free to check out the Dura Slope product on our website!

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