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NDS Slim Channel

Do you notice standing water in your lawn, patio, poolside or sidewalk after it rains? Do you have an itch to improve your outdoor living space without it becoming an overwhelming project? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the 2 inch wide NDS® Slim Channel drainage system is your solution to maximize the beauty and usability of your outdoor living space. This system is ideal for patios, walkways, pools, spas, paver hardscapes and more. An economical and easy-to-install channel and grate kit, the NDS® Slim Channel is your painless and rewarding backyard fix.

NDS Slim Channel with Slotted Grate in paver patio

NDS Slim Channel Kit with White Slotted Grate

Each NDS® Slim Channel Kit Includes:

  • Slim Drain Channel (6 ft sections; 2 in wide, 3 in deep)
  • 2 End Caps (with knockout for 1.5 in SCH 40)
  • Anchor Clips (2 per 6 ft section)
  • 1 Bottom Outlet
  • Coupler (for kits longer than 6 ft)
  • Removable Plastic Grates (2 per 6 ft section)
    **Bronze and Aluminum metal grates are also available through TDS (6 per 6 ft section)

Drainage Ingenuity

NDS® Slim Channel drainage systems include ingenious features making them ideal for those who want to save time and money without forfeiting quality. The drain channels are available in 6-foot increments and measure 2.25” wide and 3” deep. Couplings are the key to providing a secure connection between channel sections. Easily connect the channels by simply sliding the coupling into the channel ends. Channels and accessories are lightweight and made of robust extruded PVC. The parts can be easily glued together using PVC glue or water-proof silicone from your local hardware store.NDS Slim Channel Specifications

Does your drain project involve more than just a straight line? Channel elbows and tee’s are available and sold separately just for those situations, making your project painless.

Included in each kit is a bottom outlet which is easily attached to 1.5 inch Schedule 40 pipe. The versatile bottom outlet can be installed at any location along the channel base with a hole saw and glued in place. A guideline is located on the bottom of each channel to ensure a center placement of the hole for the bottom outlet.

NDS Slim Channel End Cap and Bottom Outlet

Clear-Cut Installation

Landscape Installation
Compacted soil subgrade
4 inch minimum compacted aggregate base
3-1/4 inch deep x 4 inch wide concrete

Paver Installation
Compacted soil subgrade
4 inch minimum compacted aggregate base
1 inch sand setting base
2-3/8 inch standard pavers

Slab Installation
Compacted soil subgrade
4 inch minimum compacted aggregate base
3/4 inch thick sloped concrete
Concrete expansion joints cut at a 4 inch minimum distance from channel sides

Top It Off with Ease

Top off your NDS® Slim Channel drainage system with drain covers that offer ease of installation and low maintenance. Removable and replaceable snap-in grates make cleaning and replacement easy. These high-flow capacity grates with are Load Class A (1-60 psi), ADA compliant, and heel-proof and are recommended for pedestrian, bicycle and wheelchair traffic. Plastic grates are manufactured with UV inhibitors.

Choose the perfect grate from this variety of styles, colors, and materials to top off your drainage system. Plastic grates are popular, however more and more people are preferring metal grates over plastic. Metal grates are available in the slotted design as bronze and aluminum through Trench Drain Systems.

Slim Channel Grates-colorNDS Slim Channel Kit Options







The NDS® Slim Channel kit clearly provides multiple advantages to getting any project started quickly and installed easily with superior results so you can get on with enjoying your backyard.

NDS Slim Channel with Square Grate in patio

Do you have a project that could benefit from NDS® Slim Channel? Visit our online store and check out the selection of Slim Channel Kits. In need of additional help? We have industry experts including an in-house engineering department that are happy to assist with layouts, drawings and/or submittal packages if needed. Call 610-638-1221 for a free quote.

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