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Mini Channel and NDS

National Diversified Sales (NDS) is a plastic trench drain and grate manufacturer. They have a broad selection of plastic trench drain systems that are used in a variety of applications. The 3 inch-wide Mini Channel is popular due to its lightweight honeycomb design, UV protected channels and a price point which appeals to contractors and homeowners alike. One major point for this system’s popularity is the wide array of grates available, not only manufactured by NDS, but also several produced exclusively through Trench Drain Systems. 

Produced by NDS in Fresno, California and regularly stocked at our warehouse in Fremont, Ohio. The NDS Mini Channel is arguably the most versatile channel drain in its class on the market today. Here’s why:

The extruded, PVC cell-core construction of Mini Channel makes it inexpensive while also sturdy enough for popular residential applications, including pool decks and patios.

Mini Channel Extrusion
Gray and sand channels

The 3″ wide and 3″ depth dimension makes it large enough to handle most patio run-off scenarios while still being small enough to be inconspicuous.

The straight wall construction of Mini Channel makes it compatible for most paver projects, while also being great in poured concrete decks.

The grating selection of Mini Channel is one of the largest in the industry. At last count, this mighty channel boasts of over thirty different grating options. All of which are available at Trench Drain Systems.

There are several grating products for the Mini Channel system. The color, material and design options are widespread making this system virtually perfect for any home decking or patio project.

High Density Polyethylene (HPDE)

NDS originally began with a six color plastic slotted grate offering and two brass grates (polished and brushed). After the marketplace proved that decorative grating was a viable option, they developed two decorative patterns: “Wave” and “Botanical” Soon they began offering these two patterns in four colors (HPDE/plastic) and in cast iron. In all, NDS has 18 different grate selections for the Mini Channel.

Mini Channel Plastic Grates

Exclusive Bronze Age

The most recent contributor to the Mini Channel grating selection is Trench Drain Systems. Their contribution has been centered on providing simple, time tested, patterns in bronze and aluminum. The bronze selections are sturdier than the NDS brass grates, having 50% more mass and capable of higher loads.

Bronze Age grates are available in a beautiful natural bronze, brushed bronze or aluminum finishes. Make the space your own by deciding between a unique set of patterns such as; CathedralTardisRain DropPedreda or Slotted. These grates are versatile and blend well with either a sand channel or gray channel. Each of the bronze grates are given a protective clear powder coat.

Bronze Age Grating
Stainless Steel Call Out

Likewise, TDS offers aluminum grates that are marine grade providing a salt water resistant grate option near coastal areas and salt water pools. Also, the aluminum isn’t susceptible to deterioration in UV light and won’t break when the foot of a chair is placed on it. Forget about needing to replace your plastic pool grates every third season.

Cast Iron

Iron Age Designs popularized the idea of making decorative grates for the standard, off-the-shelf drains like Mini Channel. In fact, their “Minione” cast iron grate was the first of 5 decorative grate patterns made for the Mini Channel system. Interlaken, Locust, Que, Acanthus, and Carbochon are all viable options when considering a decorative cast iron grate that also fit the Mini Channel system.

Iron Age Cast Iron BoOF

Raw cast iron grates do not retain their natural silver color. In fact, they quickly turn orange with rust when exposed to any form of moisture. This is due to oxygen atoms bonding with iron atoms, resulting in the formation of iron oxides. At first many believe this to be a defect, but in fact it’s perfectly normal. However, over a period of time cast iron will darken and settle to a rich brown as commonly seen in most parking lots. 

Choosing cast iron for your application may solve many of your drainage problems. Having bright orange grates doesn’t have to be one of them. Our Baked on Oil Finish (BoOF) allows you to control your grate’s aging process and provides a long term solution to oxidizing grates.

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