Installation Guide For MEARIN 100

MEArin100 Driveway Drainage

How to install a mearin 100 drain system

Often it may seem that all drainage installation guides are the same. However, it is important on any project to have the system designer or architect determine whether the installation site requires any special attention or specific equipment.

Iron Age Raw Grates 5x20


When it comes to trench drain systems, a MEARIN 100 has some great things going for it. This system provides versatility and is ideal for homeowner installations. Even as an older system, replacement grates are still available. 


The MEARIN 100 is approximately 5.3″ wide, making it an ideal size for a patio or pool application. With the correct grating option it is even robust enough for driveway drainage applications.

Grating Options

There are a number of different grating styles and materials still available within the market that fit the MEARIN 100 drain system. 

DIY Friendly

All of the pieces and parts of this trench drain can be assembled with ease, making the installation a breeze and great for residential, commercial, or municipal projects.

Installation Guide For MEARIN 100


Trench Drain Systems partnered with a customer (a retired engineer) to create an accurate install guide designed specifically for the MEARIN 100 system, which was based on his personal installation experience. The guide was designed with both the DIY homeowner and engineer in mind. It can be used for your own MEARIN 100 installation, or as a basic guide for any driveway drainage installation.

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