Outdoor Kitchen Drainage Solution

Outdoor Kitchen Drainage Solutions

Outdoor Kitchen

Who doesn’t dream of having an outdoor kitchen with all of the amenities of its indoor counterpart? We visited a customer who had created an exquisite sanctuary behind their home. When completed, it became a luxurious outdoor living space with a beautiful stone fireplace and stainless steel appliances. The area is ‘magazine perfect’ with the exception of an occasional uninvited guest.

Mother Nature made appearances in the form of rainfall and although the kitchen is enclosed, standing water became a problem. Even after the water dissipated, the area would remain damp and it was clear that the customer needed a drainage solution.

Drainage Solution

The customer, Steve Stemler, has been in the commercial plumbing business for many years and knew he needed a trench drain system. However, he didn’t want to have something bulky and unattractive like the drainage systems often found in parking lots. Stemler was looking for something that would be effective and appealing to the overall look of his patio area. He told us that he “searched the internet and found Trench Drain Systems.” With a little guidance from the TDS team, he selected the sand NDS® Mini channel with natural Bronze Age™ cathedral grates.

“The bronze grating compliments what we were trying to achieve in our outdoor kitchen and we are thrilled with our purchase.”

-Steve Stemler, Stemler Corporation; President & CEO

Proven Results

The existing surface was a stamped concrete, so Stemler contracted a concrete cutter to excavate a trench large enough to accommodate the drain channel. Finding installers to place the drainage system is easy when you own a plumbing and irrigation business.

Outdoor Kitchen Drainage Solution
You can easily see how the rainwater is diverted by the NDS® Mini Channel trench drain system.

There was no need for Stemler to justify the need for a drainage solution because it rained heavily shortly after the excavation phase of the project was completed. Everyone witnessed first-hand how the trench redirected the rain even before the channel and grates had been installed.

Stemler was extremely grateful for the customer assistance and follow-through of Trench Drain Systems staff members. 

Since this project was completed, Trench Drain Systems has released a unique product line based upon this system. The MAX Mini™ is an enhanced version of the NDS® Mini Channel linear drain. Each Max Mini™ comes pre-assembled in a custom length kit to suit project requirements. Each kit includes decorative grating choices in brushed or natural cast bronze, stainless steel or BoOfed cast iron, associated channels, coupler(s), bottom or end outlets and endcap(s). Click here to see the available varieties.

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