MAX Mini: Landscape Drainage with Style and Purpose

MAX Mini Decorative Drainage Systems for Patios
Trench Drain Systems - MAX Mini Options
All components of the MAX Mini drainage system are compatible to provide customized options

Trench Drain Systems (TDS) has taken residential drainage elegance to a new level. Whether it’s a spa, pool, landscape, or back yard hardscape, the new “MAX Mini” adds a touch of class to your light duty drainage application. This 3” wide linear drain system, features attractive decorative metal grating in a metal edged channel, perfect for a perimeter pool drain or to redirect moderate amounts of rainfall away from buildings, walkways or other structures. The channel body, made of durable PVC plastic, is economical and designed for installations in either concrete or paver hardscapes.

In the past, residential drainage has been limited to unappealing options. The TDS MAX Mini is available with an ever-growing selection of bronze, iron and stainless steel grating options that help accent your hardscape while serving the practical drainage function needed for your outside area. Currently, fourteen grating patterns are available. The Cathedral, Slotted and Raindrop bronze grating is available in natural or brushed finishes which lay well in sand colored channel with bronze veneer edges. Six decorative cast iron grating options are finished in the popular BoOF (baked on oil finish) and set in an oil rubbed bronze edged channel. These grate patterns are de­signed by Iron Age Designs and include Interlaken, Locust, Que, Acanthus, Minnione, and Carbochon. For a simple, clean look, consider the MAX Mini stainless steel perforated grating in a stainless edged channel.

MAX Mini Decorative Drainage Systems for Pools
Add a stylish drainage system near your pool and patio to enhance your hardscape

See for yourself and design the system perfect for your space. If you don’t see a combination you like, the systems are interchangeable to create a custom look. Channels are available without edging in two colors which are gray and sand.  Salt-water resistant aluminum alloy grating is available for those who are looking for options in gray (not recommended with edged channels). In many instances, you can complement your drainage system with matching point drain grates available in 4” diameter bronze and aluminum that easily fit into your your 3” or 4” area drain stub out pipe.

MAX Mini is available for purchase online in a wide range of preassembled kits in nominal lengths of 3’, 6’, 12’, 18’ or 24’. Visit for on-line orders. Kits over six feet in length require minimal assembly due to shipping limitations. Your purchase is engineered to suit your project and includes the appropriate number of couplers, an endcap and an outlet. Have a complex drainage system design?  TDS has experienced estimators and an onsite engineering staff to help provide guidance in the design process.

TDS makes installation of the MAX Mini easy.  Each channel comes preassembled and numbered.  Engineered drawings are provided with your order which detail outlet location.  MAX Mini outlets conveniently connect to standard 2” SCH 40 pipe fittings.  Installation instructions are also included with the shipment that provide you with tips on how to install your drain in concrete or paver applications.

When you’re working on a project where appearance is important, consider the MAX Mini to add style and purpose to the overall design.  Contact Trench Drain Systems for more information at 610-882-3630 or visit


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