Pro Series Kits: Quick and Easy Patio Drains

Pro Series Grates
NDS Pro Series 3 Kit example

NDS 3″ Pro Series is a foot and light traffic drain system. It is suitable for several applications such as; pool and spa decks, tennis courts, kennels, patios, walkways and garages.

Example of two NDS Pro series ends meeting

NDS 5″ Pro Series is resistant to thermal expansion during those northern winters months and is suitable for a range of residential and commercial projects. Several bottom and side outlets provide various options for expelling the water flow.

Searching for an economical drainage kit?

The 3 inch Pro Series kit by NDS may be your solution. The 3 inch Pro Series is a deep channeled system, which allows for more flow capacity at one time. Each channel features channel ribs and interlocking joints for effortless connection on those longer runs. Every channel features an optional bottom knockout for outlet pipe placement.

Need a larger system? The 5 inch Pro Series kit may be what you are looking for. This larger system is suitable for that pool or driveway project you have been planning, as well as several other applications. Both 90° and 45° angles are available and allow for versatility within the run. This system also features channel ribs every 4 inches, which assist in holding the system in place long after the installation is finished.

Do you already own the 5 inch Pro Series? 

Replacement grates are available for the 5 inch Pro Series in a variety of colors: sand, white, light gray, black, green and brick red.

NDS 814 grate example

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