NDS Mini Channel-Decorative Grating Options

Mini Channel

Mini Channel and NDS

National Diversified Sales (NDS) is a plastic trench drain and grate manufacturer. They have a broad selection of plastic trench drain systems that are used in a variety of applications. The 3 inch-wide Mini Channel is popular due to its lightweight honeycomb design, UV protected channels and a price point which appeals to contractors and homeowners alike. One major point for this system’s popularity is the wide array of grates available, not only manufactured by NDS, but also several produced exclusively through Trench Drain Systems. 

Mini Channel Plastic Grates

High Density Polyethylene (HPDE)

The standard grate offered with the Mini Channel is a 3 foot long High Density Polyethylene or HDPE plastic, offered in gray, white, green, black, red and sand. Within these varied color options is the regular Slotted, but also a decorative Wave and Botanical pattern.

Exclusive Bronze Age

If the standard plastic grating isn’t to your liking, TDS offers our exclusive line of Bronze Age Grates.  Each grate is available in a beautiful natural bronze, brushed bronze or aluminum finishes. Make the space your own by deciding between a unique set of patterns such as; CathedralTardisRain DropPedreda or Slotted. These grates are versatile and blend well with either a sand channel or gray channel. Each of the bronze grates are given a protective clear powder coat. Aluminum grates are marine grade providing a salt water resistant grate option near coastal areas and salt water pools.

Stainless Steel

Cast Iron

Decorative cast iron grates are also available for the Mini Channel system. Iron Age and Trench Drain System’s product lines illustrate the beautiful side of a functional product that was considered an unattractive necessity by many homeowners. These decorative cast iron grates are more appealing, ideal for many situations and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Interlaken, Locust, Que, Acanthus, Minnione and Carbochon are all viable options when considering a decorative cast iron grate that fits the Mini Channel.  

Iron Age Cast Iron RAW

Raw cast iron grates do not retain their natural silver color. In fact, they quickly turn orange with rust when exposed to any form of moisture. This is due to oxygen atoms bonding with iron atoms, resulting in the formation of iron oxides. At first many believe this to be a defect, but in fact it’s perfectly normal. However, over a period of time cast iron will darken and settle to a rich brown as commonly seen in most parking lots. 

Rust to Patina Grate

Choosing cast iron for your application may solve many of your drainage problems. Having bright orange grates doesn’t have to be one of them. Our Baked on Oil Finish (BoOF) allows you to control your grate’s aging process and provides a long term solution to oxidizing grates.

Iron Age Cast Iron BoOF

Need A Smaller System?

Looking for something smaller? Measuring at 2.25″ Wide and 3″ Deep, the easy to install Slim Channel may be what your application needs. Click Here to learn more.

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  1. HannahS says:

    Thanks, Marianne!
    Decorative grates are becoming a bigger item in the US market. Some decorative cast iron grates are even specified as heel-proof or ADA Compliant (they comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act), so they can be beautiful AND practical for urban settings.

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    I’m looking for a plastic drain cover 15″ x 15″. Really like the mini colored ones.
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